Woolley Grange

Admit it, even the most cynical among us got swept up a little in the Royal Wedding fever… I watched it from start to finish with popcorn in my lap 🙂 Made me reminisce about some of the loveliest hotels I’ve stayed in in the UK which are actually outside of London. The Woolley Grange easily came top of mind as a highlight – less than 90 minutes away from Central London, close to the historic town of Bath, and – best part – a child friendly hotel that has full baby sitting/entertaining services so we could actually enjoy this as a proper vacation. There’s a garden to pick flowers, a small farm that includes chickens and pigs, and a romantic candle lit dinner for the adults at the end. It’s an extraordinary, wholesome experience for children and for the kid inside each of us!

The Welcome

The hotel is a former manor and you will feel every bit the princess as you walk past the picturesque lake, up the stairs and to the cosy reception. It just may take you a really long time because you’ll be busy taking photos of every step. It’s stunning isn’t it?

Sweet Suite

The rooms are quite traditional in design, with thick covers that you will definitely need to ward off cold at night. By European standards, however, rooms are surprisingly spacious, with large bathrooms and standalone bathtubs.

Fine Dining

The restaurant was a pleasant surprise. The seating area is gorgeous and airy. This is where we had breakfast of eggs and yummy, flaky pastries.

In the evening, you can opt for a baby listening service where you are notified if your child wakes up or cries, leaving you and your partner to enjoy a romantic candle lit dinner with some fantastic fare.

The food was exceptional, mainly because salads are made from plants and herbs grown in the garden of the hotel, and the dishes are simple but so flavorful and healthy. Between these delicious culinary delights and the fresh country air, I felt healthier and lighter than I had in months.

As mentioned, the hotel is a family friendly resort with a big focus on the little ones. From a small play area next to the restaurant where the kids can hang out and give grown ups some peace, to a carefully curated children’s menu, it ticks all the boxes to ensure every member of the family is happy.

What To Do

This is the best part. There is so much to do at this hotel that you will consider extending your stay a million times. You can go for the flower picking tour in the garden, where children will revel in the greenery, farm animals and fresh air:

How cute is this?!

Or you can enjoy a spa day and splash around in the indoor pool if it rains:

Or just run around playing games in the acres of greenery outside the hotel… it’s an experience we don’t get in Dubai!

To be clear, this was not a freebie review. I did tons of online research and we came here for two days last summer – it was the highlight of our trip. I can’t wait to come back!


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