Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa

Reviewed for us by Australian blogger Claire Hastings!

For those who aren’t in the blogger ‘line of business’ it’s sometimes difficult to comprehend that it’s not all just chill and relaxed sitting at the computer with the ideas just pouring like waterfalls. Even though it’s a fabulous job, one that I hardly consider a job given how strong my love for it is, it can be quite taxing. That is why, just like any other person in the world, every now and then, when I can take the time to catch my breath I am in desperate need of some quality alone time, far from everyone’s sight. I felt drained and truly needed to unwind and recharge my batteries, and I knew that just having a ‘staycation’ won’t cut it. I needed to make a break for it, so I did my research and found the Wolgan Valley resort to be the epitome of ‘what the doctor ordered’. I didn’t even think twice before booking a room and packing the bare necessities for my little alone adventure time.

Sweet Suite

I decided to stay in one of the Heritage Villas because they seemed to offer the kind of tranquility and a sense of sanctuary that I so needed in my worn out state of mind.

They did not disappoint, in fact, my expectations were exceeded. The interior is a mixture of contemporary and genuinely rustic design that results in a feel of being someplace super-modern but safe and secluded at the same time. I had my own fireplace, a deck and even a private swimming pool, which for me was the cherry on the sundae, given that I live for swimming, (call me a true Aussie, I’ll answer). 

Not to sound corny, but this place with its luxuriously rustic bathrooms, the gorgeous and humbling vistas and the kind of warmth that just envelops you made me feel like I was in a movie montage of one of those romantic movies where two lovers sit by the fireplace drinking wine on a blanket. It was so gorgeous I didn’t even mind being alone, I relished it.


When in Rome, or in this case in ‘serenity central’, a spa day was definitely not something I was going to miss. I was already replenished and rejuvenated by the very view from my bed (in which I slept better than I have in years), but who in the world would give up a chance for some pampering?

The interior follows the general modern-rustic theme, and the staff is so pleasant that they make you feel like you’ve known them for years. As an advocate for natural skincare and lifestyle in general, I was thrilled to find that they use completely organic products so I just put myself in the hands of the professionals and felt like I was in literal heaven. I frequently have massages, but the combination of the surroundings, the venue, everything, resulted in an out-of-this-world experience.


Although the resort offers such activities as horse riding, archery and conservation activity, to be honest, I was too lazy to partake in any of them, although the people that did seemed to have a blast. I’m not very dexterous, so trying to master horse riding wasn’t exactly on my bucket list – maybe next time. I spent my time in the gorgeous restaurants, sipping the finest wines, trying superb meals and being the embodiment of chill. I came to do so, and the resort delivered. I did hike a bit, it did wonders for my spirits (not to mention that it reminded me I needed to head back to the gym), so it was my own version of Wild, just downsized and way more luxurious.

Whether you’re seeking adventure, utter seclusion, romantic getaway, or simply want to reconnect with nature, in my experience, there is no place like Wolgan Valley. It literally everything a soul could crave, and I am beyond ready to tackle the real world and let the creative juices flow after an experience like this.


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