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There is nothing like that first drive in a new city after arriving in the airport. After landing in Florida, as the taxi expertly winded down roads and weaved through lanes on wide set bridges, I was soaking in every detail of the city I could manage. I knew we were close to the hotel once we reached the famous Ocean Drive on ‘SoBe’ i.e. South Beach Area – a strip of cafes and bars overlooking the ocean. Women walked around sporting fluorescent colored crop tops and high-waisted tiny jean shorts while the men walked with a lazy strut. Food trucks were on every corner, emanating the scents of a fresh grilled burger and quesadillas. The city felt vibrant and exciting with people of all ages making their way towards the beach. And then, there it was: the epitome of…

Glamour. Chic. Trendy.

Welcome to the W Hotel, Miami, Florida.

The Welcome

I knew that we had arrived to the hotel before anyone spoke. The W Hotel demands attention, with it’s location, size, design, and overall presence.

We were immediately attended to by the staff as our car pulled up, and our luggage carried off. As we walked into the lobby, we both stopped mid step in awe. It was the definition of luxury. The design was contemporary and warm, with cream colored shades and wooden furniture dominating the interior. The ceilings were so high, they felt never-ending. The seating area was also extremely wide, permitting a sense of comfort and relaxation, with long hallways on both ends leading to pools which had parties going on in full-swing, despite the fact that it was only 11 am.

Hotel Suite

If you have any occasion to celebrate: a birthday, anniversary, a Thursday… go to the W Hotel in Miami. In honor of our honeymoon, the receptionist upgraded us from the Mega Suite to the Sanctuary Suite – a 2 bedroom, 3 bathroom suite with a balcony overlooking the ocean meant for 4 guests! We reached the 14th floor with hearts racing, and when we opened the door, we were overwhelmed with the beauty of the suite. The glass floor-to-ceiling windows frame the entire suite, so shades of blue from the skies and seas seemed to surround us.

The double glazed wide balcony doors lead to a massive seating area where we could enjoy fresh sea air. The suite in size was bigger than 4 bedroom apartments I had lived in! And most memorably, the staff made sure to decorate the rooms in a celebratory fashion, with rose petals leading to the bedrooms and main bathroom, where a bath was already drawn with bubbles and a bucket of champagne on a table against the tub. In the main living room, a rich dark chocolate cake read ‘Congratulations!’ and a plate beside it which had cold strawberries dipped in hardened white, mild, and dark chocolate, and believe it or not – even gold.

Beach & Pool

It was hard to choose whether we wanted to join one of the many pool parties, or head straight to the serene beach. We chose the latter, and enjoyed lounging on white and blue beach chairs, as staff came and served us cold, refreshing drinks with fries and burgers to recharge. The pool was also a nice option, with sweeping views and a relaxed vibe.

We wanted to explore the hotel further, but were limited for time in Miami. The concierge gave us a list of ‘musts’ while we were in town and we happily ticked each off the list, starting with dinner at The Capital Grille, followed by a night of dancing in Fontainebleau, and a stroll back to the hotel in the early hours.


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