W Hotel Bali

Excerpts were taken from my Bali travel review published in Gulf Business magazine…

When you step off the plane in Bali, the warm weather is enveloping. And everywhere you look, you’re greeted with greenery.

At the chichi W hotel in Seminyak, a trendy part of town, we were greeted with lounge-bar lights and a massive UFO-like structure in the lobby. But after witnessing the simplicity outside the resort, we wondered if we really were on a different planet.

The UFO-like entrance of the W Hotel...

The UFO-like entrance of the W Hotel…

Upon entering the W Hotel, we had to take a moment to appreciate what an amazing lobby lay before us – not your standard hotel lobby by any means. This was open plan, so the breeze plays with your hair as you check in and the view outside beckons.

W Hotel Bali lobby

How cool is this check in desk? Open air to the left and right!

Our bags were whisked away and in no time we were in bikinis at the beach, sipping cocktails made with something called purple dragon fruit.

w hotel bali drinks

Tala, me and Lauren – grad school buddies in Bali!

The W provided a perfect escape. A relatively new hotel, the W features plenty of pools and swaying palm trees.

W Hotel Bali 2

Competing with the view


Sweet Suite

The rooms are airy, with modern decor and lounge music that plays on cue every time the door opens. What’s more, W villas boast private pools that shimmer with the reflection of stars on a balmy Bali night.

Villa with private pool... can I sleep out here forever?

Villa with private pool… can I sleep out here forever?


Private W pool Bali

Lauren sizzlin in our private pool


W Hotel Bali 4

Room with a view… of a private pool… I could get used to this!

The attention to detail in the rooms is unmatched – there’s even a cosmetic bag with organic mosquito repellent!

Just walking back and forth to your room is something to write home about:

W Hotel BAli walk

Our villa is third tree to the left…


The breakfast buffet at the W Hotel is seriously out of this world. You can choose your own giant mug for your mocha, and you get a wheatgrass shot to make you feel less guilty about wolfing down a made-to-order waffle AND an omelette.

Choose your coffee mug!

Choose your coffee mug!

W Bali breakfast

Wheatgrass shot… yummy?


With so much to do in Bali, make sure to steal an hour out of a packed itinerary to experience a Balinese massage at a luxurious spa. Even the walk towards the spa is full of serenity and nature – the W Hotel cranks it up a notch inside though…

On our way to the spa

On our way to the spa


w bali spa 2

Yes, this is a spa, not a spaceship!


Take a Walk

With a stunning beach and its very own temple right on the grounds, you will find it hard to leave the luxurious lap of the W Hotel.

Temple on the grounds

But when you do leave, at least do it in style – on a W Hotel purple motorbike 😀

W Bali motorbikes



I know, my friend Lauren is absolutely stunning. She’s a medical doctor who is working on her first novel – it’s no wonder her style is one of confidence and power. Want to get her bold, sexy look? Here’s some style inspiration to Get Lauren’s Look on a beach vacation in Bali:

Bali #3Bali #2 Alternative


W Hotel Bali


Blue Man blue v neck dress
540 AED – farfetch.com

Summer beach bag
96 AED – very.co.uk

CVC Stones grey necklace
10,285 AED – thewebster.us


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