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When I used to work at ITP Publishing, me and a handful of other women who edited magazines would cross the street to this little slice of heaven to get mani-pedis: Tips & Toes in Arjaan Tower remains one of my favorite place to get pampered in Dubai. Small, unassuming and with some of the best technicians in town, I often prefer it to the noisy nail spas in malls or the pricy ones in hotels.

They have a row of chairs with purple pillows, dim lighting and spa music that helps you zone out the world. You feel zen as soon as you set foot inside.


When you walk in, there’s a selection of colours to your right. I went with hot pink, because… summer.


They have some fantastic offers during the summer, including discounts on services. The best one is where they will be taking 8 lucky customers to Bali this summer with their #TakeMeToBaliTNT promotion. The winners (and their guest) will be whisked away for a luxurious 3-night stay at the stunning Chapung Se Bali resort in Ubud to experience the beautiful island that Tips & Toes takes influence from. This is on top of the fantastic “Summer In The City”daily deals that run from July 1st – August 26th, in which customers can save up to 50% off their favourite services.

I decided to take advantage and try a service I’ve always wondered about – eyelash extensions. As a working mom, the idea of looking groomed with flirty lashes without having to put on eye makeup every day is very appealing.

Step 1: Remove Eye Makeup

I was given a mirror and cotton pads to remove all traces of mascara. This is also when she asked if I wear contact lenses – it would have been better to take them off beforehand, but I didn’t have solution on me.

Step 2: Choose Lash Length

A lash menu! How cute is this. I wanted something that made my lashes look fuller and longer without being OTT – something for daily effect, not a red carpet. I went with #10.

Step 3: Lie Down for 1.5 Hrs

I work. I have a kid. I have a blog. I run my home. Lying down for 1.5 hours without having to do something is a gift in my world. It felt like the technician was lightly brushing my eyelids and eyelashes the whole time.

And relaaaax….

Step 4: Voila, Movie Star Lashes

They last for 3 weeks and I am told in one week from application, some of the lashes fall off for a more ‘natural’ look. This was my perfect send off to summer travels that includes a friend’s wedding!


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Sara Hamdan

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