Three Camel Lodge

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As travel is ingrained in my every day functioning nowadays, I find my bucket list does get longer, however I also tick of more places than I ever imagined.  There are a few places I would love to visit, some I have reserved for that ultimate travel bucket list, others are a given – I will visit, rather sooner than later, I just need to find the time in the next year to come. Mongolia is such a destination, the land of wild beauty and rugged terrains, where yaks roam the planes and time has stood still for centuries. Mongolia sure feels like a one of those ultimate travel goals for this year to come.


Nomadic architecture

Surrounded by jagged landscapes; rural villages are plotted around, as nomadism is still the norm in modern-day Mongolia. Traditional felt and canvas tents, or gers as they are called, protect its inhabitants from the rough weather, yet still connecting people and nature, given travellers a rich spatial experience.

Let’s ger for it!

Sweet Suite

A luxurious experience for discerning travellers, these rooms come fully equipped with amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. The vibrant color in the tent takes the foreground to furniture that is pared back – beige and brown hues, lots of leather and wood – a true, earthy feel to the interiors.

Genghis Khan Suite ger

Here, placed against the rising skyline of towns, architectural objects seem to be curated for color, design and traditional design techniques. Further afield, in the abundance of nature, in the midst of the rocky desert, we find our solace for the night, in the Three Camel Lodge – described as ‘not for the impatient traveller, but those seeking a true escape will be richly rewarded’, I could only imagine the calming effect this place would have on me.

Lodge view

In the villages and towns further away, travellers scout a total mix of architectural gems, which highlights the timelessness and free spirit of its culture as nomadic efforts prevail. I cannot wait to roam past elegant winter palaces and visit the stunningly decorated temples, those wrapped in ancient techniques and surrounded by remains and statues. These artistic edifices are sure winners for a cultural addict like myself.



While the starry sky is enough to dazzle you at night, the Three Camel Lodge does have a bar where you can trade stories of your culture-soaked experience.

Endless wilderness

It has to do with the unknown, silence is a given and the wilderness lures. It is here where on the flat lands, village elders race the Mongolian horses with bow and arrows on their back, adorning handmade leather laced up boots and young children have red cheeks from the cold touching their faces underneath their handmade woollen hats. In this land of strong women, where men escape to roam the grasslands – the vast steppe preceding the Gobi desert, and families stay close, stories are told over warm bowls of milk tea. Those stories inspire to listen more closely. Captivating the fundamental believe of strong family ties, culture and heritage. Those stories will be mine this year for me to capture and nurture.

Enchanted by a starry night

Nomadic place-to-be

Mongolia, a bucket-list destination for many and surely a place of isolation – in body and mind has won me over. The immense natural beauty and welcoming approach to travellers due to its nomadic heritage, is a sure must-visit-soon-type of place to go and explore, in my case – soon!

For those keen to explore Mongolia:

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An adventurous trip to Mongolia means you need to pack clothes that are comfortable. Think: durable pair of walking shoes, plain tops and pants, and lots of scarves and jackets to keep you warm. Those dramatic, jagged cliffs and vibrant national colors, however, may inspire you to style your very own shoot – even if its just to send to your friends on WhatsApp 😀 Take sartorial cues from this bright ensemble that is equal parts glamorous and comfy (and don’t worry – I always opt for faux fur!):


Oh Mongolia



Acne Studios stretch shirt
1,285 AED –

WearAll long cape
100 AED –

Topshop high waisted trousers
185 AED –

Cut out sandals

Proenza Schouler blue handbag
6,845 AED –

Witchery pearl earrings
110 AED –

Teeez lip gloss makeup
84 AED –



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