The Storfjord Hotel, Norway

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It is with a little hesitation that I am trying to pronounce the destination where I am holidaying this winter month – Skodje, the Storfjord Hotel to be exact. The more I say it, the more it becomes a rhythmic sound and I am looking for excuses to repeat myself. Not so much to hear the twang in my voice, but more so to repeat where my journey will take me this time: Norway, to the fjords on the west coast.

The Setting

Amongst a scenery of pine trees covered in snow, a near perfect white countryside; only the little houses with smoke escaping their chimneys give away there is more than just a vast snowy landscape. The Storfjord Hotel is beautifully located amongst this scenery, not far Norway’s most beautiful ski resort Strandafjellet, and situated along the rugged coastline. The view over the village of Skodje and the Stranda community is breathtakingly magical – here is where the impressive Geirgangerfjord (and waterfall) dares to impress in every season and this time round, the mountainous landscape surrounding me, surely impresses.

The nearby cable car goes high up into the mountains (1042metres above sea level to be exact) and if you’re into hiking, the countryside sure ticks all the winter hiking boxes and promises to impress. And skiing is an hours drive, or head to the nearby towns and indulge in cultural heritage along the fjords.

The Welcome

The Storfjord Hotel boasts a raw but luxury feel – deep leather chairs, heavy sheepskins mixed with elegant velour cushions comfort guests in the seating area surrounding the fireplace – all enclosed by the famous Scandinavian birch wood frame of this country side’s hotel. Outside, the roofs are isolated with grass and moss to make light of its remote location, and I somehow wish for some trolls and elves to appear to make this mythical setting come to life.

Sweet Suite

The rooms and suites have a similar country feel adding a romantic note with the canopy bed as a centrepiece. The hotel is classed as a boutique hotel and with only 30 rooms, the label is granted – even though it sure demands grandiose. Rooms and suites are simple yet every detail is in place and all comfort is thought of, especially after a long day in the outdoors. The comfy rooms breathe tranquillity amongst the sturdy timber furniture and muted décor. Most furniture has been newly bought, while some items have been bought as antiques. I am in love with the leather chairs and soft plaids draped over to comfort and emphasize the cosiness of the interior details.

The Storfjord Suite overlooks the fjord, as the name suggests. The suite has a centrepiece stone fireplace facing the four-poster bed and a private balcony to escape and indulge in the best winter vistas you can ever imagine. A spa does not really exist, however the hotel offers a wellness area where massages can be booked and the outdoor Jacuzzi and the sauna are always ready, as expected. As the crisp white countryside sets the mood for a dip in the jacuzzi, although the bathroom with Molton Brown toiletries and stand-alone bath would suit perfectly as a Scandinavian sauna runner up.

Fine Dining

The Storfjord Hotel is renowned for it passion for native produce and similar cooking – unpretentious gourmet, keeping loyal to local products and craftsmanship, so local that some brews are only served at the hotel.

Think sturdy foods – a welcome feast of unique Norwegian prepared ingredients after the crisp outdoor air cooled you down. The hotel’s dining space is set as a cosy café, the smell of fresh pine cones a reminder of what summer would be like, with views over the snow-covered mountains – the best place to dig into some beautifully prepared dishes, whilst enjoying the best winter wonderland panoramas you can ever imagine. Skål

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Warm and stylish is the name of this game. Go for colors that will pop in photos and dress in layers to stay warm!





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Orla Kiely outerwear
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Red skinny jeans
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105 AED –

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