The Parker Palm Springs

Anna Paola is the founder of amazing swimwear brand Paolita (yes, you’ll recognize her designs if you’ve seen Ellie Goulding or Kourtney Kardashian wearing them on Insta!). When I asked the lovely Greek/Mexican-American designer to share with us one of her favourite hotels in the world, I expected nothing less than a place that is effortlessly stylish and cultured, just like her and her brand.

So it comes as no surprise that she would choose a resort in California’s chic Palm Springs – a resort town long popular with Hollywood starlets and Silicon Valley types looking for an indulgent break. Meet: The Parker Palm Springs.


Anna Paola – a flower among the palm trees!


The Welcome

Anna Paola says: “It is so grounding to sit by the pool surrounded by desert mountains.” This gorgeous resort is set amid palm trees and earthy mountains that gives the entire resort a true sense of calm.


Anna Paola chillin’ by the pool


Sweet Suite

The rooms are a design aficionado’s dream. A creative, discerning traveller like Anna Paola loves the quirky touches and amazing attention to detail at The Parker. Just look at that throw pillow!



The Grounds

There’s something majestic about the sprawling grounds of The Parker. Surrounded by nature, it’s a world away from the highways and glitz of LA, but still retains that chichi air.




It’s an Instagrammer’s paradise, with pops of colour and funky art around every corner.


Just say no… but take a pic first



Open sesame!



Grab a bite by the pool or at Norma’s eatery. The yellow awnings will make you smile for no reason at all…




In case you need further incentive to relax – because, you know, the palm trees, mountains, and chic poolside charm aren’t enough – the spa is an absolute must-try.



What to Pack

For inspiration for what to pack for a stylish stay at The Parker Palm Springs, Anna Paola shares some of her favourite new pieces that can be found on!


Black Magic Aquarius


Chariots Grace


Mandalay Kimono


Retro beach look


Paolita striped tunic
725 AED –

Paolita blue swimwear
430 AED –

Women’s Gold Retro Cat Eye Sunglasses
59 AED –

Bobbi brown cosmetic
130 AED –


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