The Ocean Club

We interviewed the founders of bikini boutique Cocobum about a standout hotel… turns out, they are Bahama mamas! Read on to discover their favorite hotel to visit in the winter:

What is your favorite hotel in the world during the winter months?

We loved The Ocean Club in the Bahamas! It is located on Paradise Island and it definitely feels like paradise on earth. You can relax, away from the crowd, but at the same time, you can go to Nassau for shopping, to the water park or for a night out. The hotel is rather small and delivers an excellent service. The weather is just perfect during the holiday season and you can do whatever you like to do!

Why did the hotel stand out – nice beach/pool, restaurants etc?

The hotel is located next to the beach, which we definitely love, and has 2 stunning swimming pools! 1 pool is surrounded by a lovely plantation which is the perfect location for a dream wedding. In the evening you can have dinner at the restaurant next to the beach with some great jazz music in the background. If you like to do a day trip, there is so much to do, you can visit the pigs in Exuma or swim with sharks, the hotel can give you some great recommendations and plan the whole trip for you.

What Cocobum pieces would you wear or did you wear at that particular hotel/vacation?

When we went to the Bahamas, we had just started the idea of Cocobum, so we did not have our own swimwear or resort wear yet. If we would go back, we would definitely take a nice big beach bag, some comfortable swimwear to do some watersports in, some colored one-pieces or bikinis and lovely long dresses or cover-ups where we could easily go lunch in.

Taken from Grazia Middle East!


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