The Evora Trilogy: The Secret Child

I love shining a light on regional designers, hotels, and authors – so *drum roll* here is a book by Kuwaiti Dana Al Jouder! She’s an artist, interior design aficionado, and she writes fantastical books – a true creative force to keep on your radar. Exclusively for Holidays in Heels, she presents in her own words her novel The Evora Trilogy: The Secret Child.

“We write continents apart; Nicole is in Los Angeles, and Dana is in Kuwait. Our story unifies African, Arab, Brazilian, and Portuguese folktales into one – the Evora trilogy.

Our story begins with a beckoning lure and the arrival of vast ships onto Evora’s shores. It all happens on the night of the pink moon, an event that marks the birth of Jací and the end of her kind.
Jací is the last of the Kaiawa, a tribe of dirtwalkers who have the gift to manipulate the earth beneath their feet. Her identity is kept secret by an adventurer-turned-hermit. Only he knows of her potential and the dangers of her enemies, the moonwalkers.

When Jací accidentally discovers her powers while visiting the royal palace, her world turns upside down. With the encouragement of Davi, the handsome bookkeeper, she sets out to learn about the barbaric massacre that killed her people. All the while, Captain Duarte is mysteriously connected to Davi and seeks to unearth an invaluable possession guarded by Jací’s family.

Jací is taken into a world she can no longer ignore and must find the courage to be the hero of her own destiny. This is the first book about Jací identifying her past, resisting the moonwalkers, and restoring balance to the land of Evora and to all who call it home.”

The book is available in bookstores in Kuwait and on Amazon:


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