The Colonnade

My husband and I were walking near Little Venice in a hidden corner of Maida Vale in London, talking about the Grace Kelly movie Dial M for Murder, when we happened upon this little hotel that looked like it could have been the setting of the famous Alfred Hitchcock film. From ladies having afternoon tea in the gorgeous little courtyard to the Grace Kelly reference, I vowed to stay there for a night. Turns out, we were in for a treat.


Walking into the hotel is like taking a step back in time. How amazing is this lobby? Especially that knight in shining armour standing  guard near the window 😀


Rather than feeling stuffy or OTT, the decor comes across as quirky. Rather than being a gimmick, the interior design is actually taking cues from history. From a girls boarding school to a hospital in the 1800’s, this four star boutique hotel has changed faces several times to service the local community. It was also the home of the famous mathematician Alan Turing. Even the elevator is still old school. I felt like I was on a movie set.


Sweet Suite

The bedspreads are made of Egyptian linen and the rooms are a decent size by London standards. The deep purple colours bring a touch of warmth that matches a roaring fire in that gorgeous fireplace.


I asked to tour the largest suite and was amazed at the high ceilings and the charming staircase leading to the bed. It was like a cozy loft in the heart of London.


How beautiful is this bathtub? When it’s raining, forget the world outside and zone out in this slice of heaven.



Tea Time

Afternoon tea is quite the affair at this historic hotel. Those scones just melt in your mouth.



Tea for two


It’s even gorgeous indoors.

Can’t wait to go back!


Take inspiration from Grace Kelly with a modern twist for a stylish stay in London!


London lunch


New Look pink coat
73 AED –

Balenciaga grey booties
3,250 AED –

Anya Hindmarch tote bag
890 AED –

Gucci earrings fine jewelry
10,110 AED –

Hunter bubble umbrella
165 AED –

Long scarve
51 AED –


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