The Berkeley

There’s high tea… and then there’s this. The Berkeley is an upscale, classic hotel tucked in an upscale, classic part of the London, but I was blown away but their creative take on afternoon tea. Not just about tea and treats, the Berkeley’s Pret-a-portea is a fashionable, girly-girls fantasy.

I sound a little OTT, but really, how else do you describe an afternoon fill with girls, gossip, champagne and cakes inspired by fashion design?

I wanted to treat my college bestie and my wonderful sis-in-law to a quintessential London experience and we ended up staying for hours, not wanting to leave.

It began with a selection of tea and delicious sandwiches. I went with a Chinese white tea and my favorite sandwich had to be the classic cucumber.

We were also treated to the chef’s visionary dishes, including this out-of-this-world sundried tomato macaroon with goat’s cheese. There was also a fennel soup and those purple flowers are as yummy to eat as they are pretty to look at.

Make sure to save room for dessert, of course. Each cake is inspired by a different designer. So Ralph and Russo’s floral, diaphanous dresses translated into a delicate lavendar cake with ruffles, while Dolce and Gabbani’s sultry Italian vibe resulted in a delicious dark chocolate and hazelnut cake that had me licking my fingers. There were also cookies shaped like high heels and kinky boots – it’s Instagram heaven:

An incredible experience all around! An afternoon to remember and I recommend it to everyone looking for a fun take on a classic London tradition.

What to Pack

There were bridal showers, baby showers and women celebrating work promotions in this gorgeous setting. Go for trendy pink and blue hues in this ensemble:


Afternoon Tea Affair



Alexander McQueen pink off shoulder top
1,200 AED –

Pocket coat
365 AED –

Ruffle tutu skirt
240 AED –

Kristin Cavallari blue pointed toe pumps
475 AED –

Chanel embroidered handbag
24,975 AED –

Christina Debs rose gold jewellery
33,770 AED –



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