Sailing Croatia

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Cruising Croatia

I wake up to the sound of chatter from above and am reminded I am actually on board a boat, better said, a yacht. After arriving at Split airport in Croatia, we drive down to the harbour on the coast – passing picturesque villages and cruising through the jagged countryside in cool pursuit of the Mediterranean. It is here where the boat we have chartered for the week to come moors. Our yacht is nicely called ‘Adriatic Jazz’ – surely a hint of what is to come.

Breakfast on board

The cabin where I sleep is suitable for two and so are the others, a total of 10 guests can stay in the four rooms, although some have a little more ‘leg room’. Designed by Zuccon and built by Ferretti, this beauty simply ensures a complete relaxed luxury yacht experience – with A/C, WiFi on board and a deck jacuzzi. It is like checking in to your 5* hotel on the sea.

Anyone who ever slept aboard a boat understands the calming feeling of waking up to the rocking of the water.

There was plenty of space and lovely products to use:

As I arrive on deck, the crew – there are four on board- welcome me and my friends with a table set full of local breakfast favourites from crispy breads, fresh fruits to cold cuts.

We enjoy ajvar (pronounced aayvar which is red pepper spread), pasteta (pronounced pashteta which is a kind of pate), soft cheeses such as kajmak (pronounced kaymak), which reminds me of the labneh we enjoy back home.

As the bubbly is poured, life just gets a little better. It doesn’t take long before the yacht picks up speed and the islands pass us by in the distance – the soft breeze elevates the feeling of freedom and together with the beauty of our surroundings I’d say this is pretty much my kind of holiday.

Island hopping – from food fest to dense forest

As breakfast is finished, the day passes by with more beautiful views and swims in the clearest waters I have ever seen, the temperature is just perfect too, whilst plenty of relaxing afternoon snoozes in the shades on deck add to the reality escape of the summer.  Croatia is beautiful on mainland, but we have been promised to be in awe from the water skip-hopping past islands, passing through fishermen’s town, catching the rays of sun on the deck and visiting the best evening island visits. The next days, we set up to enjoy some of the plentiful islands. Korcula is not only an island but a magical fortress, known for its medieval towers and fortified walls – the island speaks fairy-tale romance.

Sipan, being the largest and a true foodie experience filled with vineyards, citrus groves and rugged olive and fig trees. The most beautiful and most forested island in the Adriatic is Mljet, an untouched island where dark shades come from the abundance of deep forestry, its own National Park. On lesser dense forest islands, we enjoy a few daytime treats at the finest beach clubs, such as Carpe Diem, Laganini, and Hula Hula on Hvar Island.

We felt so lucky with our local crew, who manages the best culinary feasts – fresh and local ingredients are brought to the boat or even better, the crew knows where to get the best ingredients and dishes.


It is also nice to be surprised when they locate hidden island gems and find the perfect spots in each harbour, right in front the busy restaurants and bustling promenades. Drinks on deck while the world passes by are just some of the exquisite memories cruising Croatia.

Natural wonders

On our way back, we visit the cascading Krka Lakes on the mainland. We opt for the quieter one, as Plitvice Lakes, the twin sister of the natural beauty is a UNESCO site and welcomes plenty a tourist.

Such natural creativity is almost unparalleled to one’s expectations of this lesser known country, but sure worth another visit. During our mainland tour, we pass by Zlatni Rat, known as the Golden Cape or Golden Horn due to its unusual shape of sandy beaches and we make a stop in Dubrovnik before heading back to the land of sand.

Pomalo Travel organizes cruises and private yachts for exclusive island hopping experiences, be it a private catamaran in the Mediterranean or a traditional wooden boat along the coast of the Asian continent.


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Sailing Croatia



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