Rixos The Palm

You’re going, still going, going some more… seems like the drive along the palm never ends as you pass a handful of nice resorts and wonder why you didn’t just book one of those – then bam, you’re at the end: Rixos The Palm. We couldn’t help feeling like The Palm Gods had somehow saved best for last with this little Turkish delight. The resort is operated by Rixos, a Turkish luxury hotel chain – so it really is a Turkish delight. Less messy, equally satisfying.

The Welcome

Sit in couches in the expansive lobby area, beneath evil eye emblems on the walls, and sip on freshly made strawberry drinks as you check in. The theme of sipping fruity drinks and being catered to is generally what you can expect at Rixos The Palm – by the pool, at dinner and even post-massage (Lychee martini, anyone?)


Sweet Suite

The rooms are modern and big, with dark wood finishing and blankets thick like frosting on a cake. Best part? Differently sized pillows so you can find one as plump or as soft as you like.

HiH Must-Try: The massive standalone bathtub will make you forget the sea and swaying palm trees beckoning from outside your room. You can enjoy the view by pushing open the moving wall that opens the bathroom up to the rest of the room and onto the incredible view. Unplug from the world and while away the hours in a tub fit for two. Enya music not included.



Want to impress a date with white table clothes and gloved waiters? L’Olivo is an Italian eatery with dishes like lobster caviar soup and duck carbonara on the menu. It’s surprisingly good value for money. Split the olive oil chocolate cake for dessert: it’s naughty and nice.

Starving but don’t know what you want? A smorgasbord awaits at A La Turca restaurant with a buffet that has everything from Eastern Anatolia mezze to pizza for the kids.

HH Must-try: Lahmajun – a Turkish meat pie that’s a foot long. You’ll wonder who can eat all that, then find yourselves fighting over the last piece.


Think Turkey, think Turkish hammam. Go for the royal hammam treatment at the Ottoman spa for a vigorous deep cleansing session followed by a massage that will leave your skin feeling softer than butter. Not a fan of a serious scrub down (We don’t blame you, it hurts – but no pain, no beauty right…)? Spend time using the decked out facilities – flit from the ice fountain to the jacuzzi and back because you’re wild like that on vacation.


Looks like the setting of a Harem Al Sultan episode titled: “Who Stole The Diamond-Studded Loofah?”

HH Must-try: A massage in an outdoor beach cabana. The curtains sway with the breeze, the sunlight kisses your back and it’s far enough from the pool not to let the noise of kids splashing annoy you, but close enough for the cool lounge music to really make you feel like you’re on holiday.

Just For Kids

The Sinbads kids club is a jungle gym on the beach that extends into water activities. You can watch the kiddies go nuts while you sip on a cold, colourful drink.



Eden Beach Club is all about bikinis and heels. Transition from sundowner drinks at the swim-up pool bar to a down and dirty party with a DJ spinning and girls in sparkly outfits dancing on tables.


Sunset smiles

So…Kids Club or Party Central?

Considering Rixos The Palm is not a massive, sprawling resort, it somehow maintains a balance between a kid’s heaven and a single party-goers paradise. Want something in between? The Aegean is a lounge with tables on the sand serving shisha and Turkish sandwiches. That’s where you will find families with strollers next to tables of pretty girls taking pouty selfies.

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