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Located on a picture perfect spot along the quay of Lake Geneva, known as the ‘Swiss Riviera’. Just off the promenade, a grey and white minimalist build looms  just off the road uphill, situated on a green lawn and situated with the serenest view a retreat can ask for, overlooking the calm of the lake nestled at the foot of the Swiss Alps, this location in the classy town of
Montreux is meant for a wellness resort and spa: Clinique La Prairie.

The Welcome
The resort is located in a beautifully coiffured garden, simplistic in shape and elegant in style. The building grasps your attention upon arrival, yet from inside the architecturally strong structure lets your senses calm down and draws back
the attention to the soothing view over the landscape. Set in the stunning Canton of Vaud, known for its natural mountain springs, its historic position between the ever-crystal clear lake and snow-capped mountains with the historic Chillon
Castle as the gatekeeper of routes in long-gone days, cornered by the Unesco Lavaux vineyards and further along the Vallee de Joux, known for its traditional watchmaking ateliers, the region is a favourite haunt for famous folk.

The Reception
As I am so in awe by the architecture, I wonder to what I think is the front door, yet am entering the labyrinth of passages of the well-known clinic. I escape the clinic and try again, this time more focused on the signs instead of the aesthetic of the structure. Behind the façade, the Clinique La Prairie programmes are organised visits planned and created by specialists, on the basis of preventative medicine. Being it Better Sleep, Rejuvenation, Master Detox and Rebalancing, all are based on the clinics holistic approach to healthcare, where each programme combines medical consultations with well-being and relaxation treatments.

Everyone from Winston Churchill and Marlene Dietrich to David Bowie and Mick Jagger is rumored to have disappeared into this lakeside fortress at some point to undergo ‘Revitalisation’, the Clinique’s famous rejuvenation therapy. And I am
invited in.

Sweet Suite
As I explore the facilities, I am in awe by the style and calming effect throughout. Even though the restaurant and spa offer a more modern feel, the hotel serves as a calming abode where creature comfort is as important as exquisite classy taste.
The hotel rooms are compact yet elegant suites with 24-hour medical service at your disposal. The rooms are all decked out with features, which belong in a hospital yet hidden behind the charm of a chic hotel.

All rooms face the lawns and overlook the lake; privacy is at its helm. Even separate elevators are located in the hallways of the hotel wing to accommodate in-house visitors. And both hotel staff and nurses are based nearby.

Fine Dining
The centre breathes serenity, with mesmerizing views from the restaurant where the menu is completely undergone a similar rejuvenation as the clients – detox, gluten free and vegetarian options decorate the restaurant’s menu.

Loaded with fresh produce and delightful healthy options, I sample the taster menu and bite in some of the yummiest confectionery, completely quilt-free. The juices are as tasty as they are nutritious and the scented waters are rich in
vitamins and antioxidants and can be found throughout the facility.

Time to Relax

The spa is located in the lower level of the building, a futuristic feel comes over me as shimmery white hallways and peek-through walls invite to explore the several areas from indoor swimming pool to a state-of- the-art fitness centre.

A dozen of secluded treatment rooms are located away from the waiting room and offer a calming and comfortable ambiance. This is wellness on a whole different level and it does make it ever so easy to put all trust in the therapists’ programmes – feeling completely rejuvenated.


The Swiss Canton of Vaud does not only offer a fairy-tale backdrop, it is blessed with a soothing summer climate and plenty of snow in winter. The Glacier3000 just opened its 9 th run, add tobogganing, snow-tubing cross-country skiing and even snow-shoeing for a full-fledged active winter destination. In summer the mountains are the scene for hikes, picnics, mountain biking, even train rides and most of all: mesmerizing views. The lake offers plenty of water sports or hop on the charming Belle Epoque steamboats for tours along the lake. The region is also home to some of the world’s prettiest palace hotels – offering an A-list of the world’s most highly acclaimed spas and wellness centres renowned for holding the secrets to ever-lasting beauty.

Canton of Vaud: http://lake-geneva-
Clinique La Prairie:


Embrace the wintery charm of the Vaud region in this relaxed and earthy look. Ideal for a spot of lunch at the chic La Prairie Clinic followed by a stroll along the lake.


La Prairie



Chloé long sleeve shirt
11,625 AED –

Green jacket
110 AED –

Skinny jeans
210 AED –

Giuseppe Zanotti thigh-high boots
5,195 AED –

Maison Margiela purse tote
5,150 AED –

Marni gold tone ring
495 AED –

Nars cosmetic
88 AED –

Nars cosmetic
99 AED –


Guest Post by Rupert Wright of Ashbright
Paris holds no terrors for well-heeled travellers, who can check into one of the city’s eleven palaces such as ­ the Georges V, Plaza Athénée, Le Bristol or my favourite, Le Meurice. But for those on any kind of budget, finding a decent place to stay in the French capital can be a challenge. Bedrooms smaller than a bathroom, bathrooms smaller than a bidet, we’ve all stayed at one of them and lived to regret it. So, it’s with great pleasure that I have found almost the perfect Parisian hotel – and you don’t need to be a tech billionaire to afford it. The Bedford has been family owned and run for more than a hundred years, combining Swiss roots, French flair and English tradition. It benefits from strong leadership, attention to detail, and a staff eager to look after you. With just 140 rooms, it is large enough to intimate, but not so large that you are anonymous. It’s a 4 star, but deserves more.
The rooms
Parquet flooring; high ceilings; comfortable beds and pillows; keys rather than plastic cards; and best of all, real switches, that turn the lights on and off. The Bedford has sensibly ignored many of the technical traps that can make staying in a hotel room more challenging than setting up your own satellite transmission site. The result is a place that combines understated elegance with modern touches and old school service. Some rooms overlook the rue de l’Arcade, others look over a courtyard, but all are a decent size and a muted colour. There is air-conditioning too, which is a relief when the summer strikes.
Breakfast is a buffet in a glorious belle époque room, boasting stucco reliefs and a glass roof. Dinner happens here too, French cuisine and fairly formal. There’s also a relaxed bistro/bar that serves meals and cocktails.
A stone’s throw from the Place de la Madeleine, the Place de la Concorde and the Tuileries Gardens, and the Opera, this is one of the best areas to stay in Paris. (Marcel Proust used to live just around the corner). It is a lively area, with great boutiques, wine bars and an eclectic mix of restaurants, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Lebanese and French too.
Don’t miss
The Bedford knows that many people like to travel with their pets, so they are allowed to stay too.
HOTEL BEDFORD, 17, RUE DE L’ARCADE 75008 PARIS Tel. : +33 (0)1 44 94 77 77 Fax : +33 (0)1 44 94 77 97 More information at
Rooms from €250; Suites from €450


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