Kozma and Kozma Salon

Sometimes, when you can’t get away but you desperately need a holiday, there’s nothing like a day of pampering. We are pretty spoiled in Dubai with a zillion world class hotel spas and salons to choose from, so I expected Kozma and Kozma, a new beauty salon on Al Wasl Road, to be just another great spa. My jaw actually dropped when I walked in to the villa and saw a spiral staircase, a colourful chandelier and rows of candy jars on the wall. I have officially entered Willy Wonka’s dream fantasy for all things girly! (The hot pink branding should have given it away :D)



Get the Party Started

After ‘checking in’ at the reception, we were lead to the sunken seating area and given a menu of super healthy and delicious juices to choose from along with an array of sugary treats. Liquorice, gum balls, twizzlers? I couldn’t resist the candy hearts.  I was feelin’ the relaxed, vacation-like vibe of the place and went for a coconut and pineapple fresh juice, while my friend had a green apple and ginger juice to go along with our candy. Cheers!


Oh, my Mani-Pedi

Getting your nails done is not a half hour quickie during a lunch break at work here. It’s a sacred beauty ritual best reserved for a long, lazy, indulgent afternoon with your bestie. My nail therapist walked me past rows of the best nail polish brands – Essie, Ciate – until I settled on a summery hot pink for my toes (as an homage to Kozma and Kozma’s colours!) and a classic French manicure for my hands. Business on top and party on the bottom? 😀

KozmaKozma14 2

Next time I’ll be bold and try this

Snowman Manicure

The manicure was more than just application of colour. We were led upstairs, where I took a seat in a leather massage chair that worked my back while I flipped through magazines and sipped on my juice. Then my therapist came with a steel bowl filled with snow-like material (totally eco-friendly and bio-degradable, she says), and I’m told that the salty composition helps soften hands and makes it easier to remove cuticles later. I was only half listening because the best part is that you’re also given material to BUILD A SNOWMAN! What a creative way to stay cool in Dubai’s summer heat 😀


Do you wanna build a snowman?…


Ok I’m really good at this #careerchange



Proud momma of a snowman

Unicorn Pedicure

Yep, you read that right. A pedicure inspired by unicorns. I got to choose a colour for the (warm, this time) salty slush that I could squish between my toes to prep them for a pedicure. I went with a vibrant blue:


I must say, my hands and feet at the end of the whole process were baby soft, with the most careful application of colour I’d ever experienced.

Though the mani-pedi took a little longer that I’m used to, it was so nice to have a nice girly chat with my friend and some quiet time before resuming my crazy schedule. I loved it so much, in fact, that I booked a hair treatment the following week because the hair salon and products looked amazing!










Ta daaa! Thank you dream team!


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