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Writer Claire Hastings shares with us a unique experience at a beautiful design hotel in sunny Canberra, Australia! In Claire’s own words…

A friend suggested going to Canberra, Australia where culture travelers, art lovers, business enthusiasts and students fantastically mingle with the charming locals; he babbled on and on about this new, stand-out hotel: Hotel Hotel. At first, I wasn’t into hotel accommodation at all but when I finally looked it up, I swear my jaw dropped. I may have even drooled a little!


On the presentation, the hotel looked like a Hollywood-star-worthy-a-complex, modestly speaking. The page cited they have “the best of global cinema, independent book and pop-up stores, music, and local cafés and bar”, and that wasn’t all – the hotel was a sustainable architecture, re-used and salvaged timber miracle!


As I’d grasped, they had amazing bicycle lanes, all kinds of sports activities options and a relax center to die for. I was enamored immediately… and booked it, obviously!

Everything from the hotel’s phenomenal, spine-tingling surroundings to the overwhelmingly beautiful interior was a whole new experience. I have no idea how my eyes didn’t pop out right there. And when I entered my room, I swear the hairs on my back all stood up in amazement.


Sweet Suite


The leather arm chair and muted tones made for a very earthy look and feel in the bedroom. I loved the art on the walls.


Even the bathrooms are super sleek.



The food was remarkable, the staff incredibly nice, there were hoteliers who offered their full-time service in aiding with suggesting activities to do and inform of hotel theme evenings.


Get Active
I spent ten days in the hotel and enjoyed everything I could – from swimming and cycling around, exploring culture and architecture of the site to wining and dining in the evenings. And yes, I did meet someone but we’ll leave that for some other time, okay? I’ll just say we headed to Europe together, afterwards 🙂

The End

It was spectacular, the whole thing! Please treat yourself to a Hotel Hotel experience if you can; it’ll change you forever. And, most importantly – remember to love yourself. The future you will thank you.



Since I was planning on going on my Aussie-Euro trip for a few months, I knew I had to bring all the key pieces; everything else, I figured, I can buy when I’m there (wherever “there” happened to be in that moment).


My hygiene kit (everything from toothbrush, band aid and floss to allergy shots and paracetamol based meds) and makeup kit (just the basics) were essentials, along with all of my chargers, phones, tablets and my laptop. I’ve packed a few pairs of jeans, a few statement shirts (never liked to keep things dull, even in distress), my cycling and workout gear (I figured this place in Canberra was going to be amazing for cycling and workouts) and three of my jackpot evening dresses, just in case (you never know who you’ll be dining with next). One pair of sneaks and nude heels – I did not need more.

Want Claire’s laidback approach to travel? Here is some sartorial inspiration:




73 AED –

H&M high-rise shorts
37 AED –

Leather flat
94 AED –

TOMS brown leather bag
735 AED –

Casetify iphone case
145 AED –

Sennheiser tech accessory
54 AED –


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