Grand Millenium Hotel

This unassuming hotel tucked into Barsha Heights, between Mall of the Emirates and the Dubai Marina, has secrets to share. They all revolve around one thing: having one of the best nights out on the town. Enter Lucky Voice Dubai.

When I was invited to try the karaoke bar import from London’s Soho, I was actually really nervous to sing in public, outside of a shower or my car, for the first time. I’d been to plenty of karaoke bars before and somehow always managed to avoid singing. But how can I blog about an experience without doing it? *gulp*

The Band

Here’s where I was in for a surprise: Lucky Voice Dubai is so much more than a karaoke bar. It’s 10,000 square feet of a funky space that includes neon signs, giant wooden tables, and a live band (called Game Over lol) crooning classics like ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ and ‘Purple Rain’.


It really gets you in the mood to sing and let loose in the private karaoke pods later – or maybe that’s just the cocktails talking 😀

The Food

And then, there’s the eclectic international menu that includes everything from beef sliders to empanadas to Goan curry with crab meat. Seriously. It’s like pub food on steroids. The cajun chicken pizza is a dish I’ll definitely be coming back for.


And it’s all so affordable by Dubai standards. We feasted and drank like kings and it cost about Dhs 200 per person!

The Singing… and Rapping

After we felt like we had enjoyed a full night out with all the food and live music, the real evening actually started when we were escorted to our private karaoke pod that fit all 9 of us. There’s a touch screen with 15,000 song options and in a matter of seconds we were all belting ‘Living on a Prayer,’ ‘I Will Survive’ and countless other karaoke classics.


I had a shining moment impressing our tipsy crew with my rapping skills to ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ and I lived to tell the tale. Before we knew it, it was 1 am – not an easy feat for new parents – and we all couldn’t stop laughing.  Top marks for a truly fantastic night out! I’m already practicing songs for our next karaoke adventure 🙂



PS Make sure to try the Gin & Tonic White Chocolate Truffles from the dessert menu… oh… my… goodness are they good…





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