Garni Seevilla Wolfgangsee

If you’ve always wanted to sing about the hills being alive with the sound of music, there is no more peaceful spot than this one located on the banks of Austria’s St Wolfgang lake. Garni Seevilla Wolfgangsee Hotel is where poets must come to compose perfect lines and where the heartsick come to find meaning in life again. Here, in the simplicity of splashing water and the sunshine and crisp air, is where life feels good.  This hotel came recommended by family and when I saw the photos, I put it on my #dreamlist!

The Welcome

This hotel is a charming wooden cabin by the shores of a lake. Each room has a beautiful little balcony with flowers overlooking the water. In a world with so many distractions, it can be hard at first to let yourself be with just a good book or sparkling conversation. There isn’t much else to do here and that’s kind of the marvelous point.


This is the spot to be until sunset!

Choose a book from the hotel’s lovely library and feel the hours and stress slip away.



Sweet Suite 

The bedrooms are designed with amazing attention to detail. Each room has its own design, though mainly with cream and white colours, with pops of orange. The blankets are thick like frosting on cake to keep you warm during chilly nights.



The view is pretty fantastic.





The main draw of this place is a peaceful experience by the shores of a lake. In the summer, it’s an ideal spot to tan and take dips to cool off. As the weather turns cooler, it’s the ideal place for a glass of wine or a mug of hot cocoa that you can enjoy with company. Breakfast outdoors is a truly refreshing experience.




It’s also ideal for a bit of romance – you really feel like you’ve discovered an adorable little place all your own here, away from the world…




Here’s some sartorial inspiration to stay warm and stylish during your stay in beautiful Austria!




River Island rib tee
130 AED –

Carven oversized coat
3,855 AED –

7 for all mankind skinny jeans
810 AED –

Jessica Simpson suede bootie
475 AED –

Miniature purse
330 AED –


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