Divani Apollon Palace

There’s a stretch along the coastline in southern Athens nicknamed the Athenian Riviera in the 70’s… a name and vibe that has stuck today. And with good reason. Grand hotels were built along this coast, nestled between the Aegean Sea and a road called Poseidonos, and seem like they haven’t changed since – a welcome respite from our fast-paced, digital-hungry world. Divani Apollon Palace feels like a regal place where Poseidon himself may decide to holiday…

The Welcome

Very tall doormen (all of them are seriously tall) clad in taupe whisked my bags away as if they were light as feathers and ushered me into the spacious lobby. While checking in, the siren call of the Aegean sea and the sounds of people happily splashing in the pool steps away were beckoning me to be outdoors.  I was here on a work trip this time around, so I would have to wait until after meetings were over before joining them…

Sweet Suite

The rooms are simple and big by European/American standards. I’ve stayed in my fair share of five star shoeboxes (I’m talking to you NYC) – and this is definitely closer to room sizes in Dubai.

divani room

Best part? The balcony. The majority of the (little) time I spent in the room was outdoors breathing in that beautiful sea air, listening to the cicadas in the trees, and counting my blessings for having grown up in a country as beautiful as Greece.


Mountains, sea, and a grass landing strip on the roof next door lol


The main restaurant in the hotel, Anemos, means breeze, and it’s a good direction for how to enjoy a meal here. Sit on the terrace and sample some pretty good Greek cuisine, including fresh sfirida fish with oven-roasted potatoes and some Mythos local beer. Don’t forget the Greek salad!

greek salad 2

This is also the restaurant for breakfast. I love me some hotel breakfast buffets. From nutella crepes to omelettes with paprika potatoes, it’s a feast fit for a Greek goddess.




This resort has one of the most famous spas in Athens. There’s a gorgeous indoor swimming pool with jet streams and treatments rooms that offer everything from a deep tissue massage to diamond microdermabrasion. It made me wish for a split second that I was a trophy wife tailing her husband on a business trip so I could enjoy a spa day, but alas, I was the one in a meeting room all day. I’ll have to come back to try the facilities on a proper vacation.

divani indoor pool

Indoor pool heaven made me wish for a rainy day


Sun Kissed

With two pools and a sprawling beach, the best thing to do is tan, tan, tan. If you get bored, just play musical chairs with the sun beds. You can’t go wrong.


Sneaking in some pool time… can’t be all work and no play!


divani beach

Now THAT’s a beach…



Laid back and fun-loving is the vibe at this relaxed beach resort. Channel Greek charm in feminine beach attire with this nautical look.


Beachy days


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