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14 May

Cape Weligama

Note: A version of this travel story appeared in luxury travel and fashion magazine Villa 88! Take a seat at the breakfast table near the edge of a grassy clifftop overlooking the sea. Feel the sun warming your shoulders and the breeze playing with your hair. Peruse a menu with hundreds of varieties of tea, most of which come from tea plantations in the vicinity. You feel shy to go for a basic chamomile or English Breakfast, so you choose something that sounds local and exotic. Sit back in your seat and sip on coconut water until your order arrives, because a commanding view like this one demands respect. Welcome to Resplendent Ceylon: Cape Weligama.   Verandah with a...
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18 Oct

Sen Wellness Sanctuary

Meet Natalia Wiechowski: a renaissance woman in Dubai and founder of Think Natalia. The German born beauty is a former competitive athlete and social scientist who decided to chuck in her corporate career as a marketing expert and follow her passion: encouraging people to become the best versions of themselves. These days, you'll find the award-winning writer and speaker giving talks at key conferences and acting as a mentor in the local startup community. So when this busy bee wants some downtime, where can she find it? The answer: Sen Wellness Sanctuary in Sri Lanka.   This zen hub is part medical luxury spa and part five star hotel located in a pristine national park in Sri Lanka. There's even a protected turtle beach on...
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