Australia by Sara

Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa

Reviewed for us by Australian blogger Claire Hastings! For those who aren’t in the blogger ‘line of business’ it’s sometimes difficult to comprehend that it’s not all just chill and relaxed sitting at the computer with the ideas just pouring like waterfalls. Even...

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Skye Hotel Suites

Reviewed exclusively for us by Aussie blogger Claire Hastings! I love my hometown of Brisbane, but seeing Sydney is something I will never get tired of, so to say that I was ecstatic about us meeting there would be an understatement. I had a blogger conference to...

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Qualia Hotel

Guest review of Qualia Hotel in Hamilton Island by Aussie blogger Claire Hastings! No matter how wonderful your life is, sometimes you simply need to get away. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I had this irrational feeling that I was losing touch with myself,...

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QT Gold Coast

Reviewed exclusively for Holidays in Heels by writer Claire Hastings in Australia! The last time I and two of my friends went to Gold Coast, we decided to have some fun and create unforgettable memories! To all of you who are suckers for a cultural and artistic boost...

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Hotel Hotel

Writer Claire Hastings shares with us a unique experience at a beautiful design hotel in sunny Canberra, Australia! In Claire's own words... A friend suggested going to Canberra, Australia where culture travelers, art lovers, business enthusiasts and students...

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