Astir Palace

Did you know Athens has a Riviera? Certainly not as touristy or as glitzy as its Western European counterparts (we’re talking to you, St. Tropez), the Athenian Riviera has a relaxed, naturally beautiful, #iwokeuplikethis kind of vibe. Just 30 minutes away from the airport, the peninsula that houses Astir Palace proudly juts out into the Aegean Sea. Upon arrival at the fairytale that is this resort, you’ll feel like you’re being rewarded for all the good things you’ve done in your life. Get ready to mingle with Greek aristocrats, the random Hollywood celebrity, and well behaved families with all members dressed in matching outfits at the lunch table.

The Welcome

Roll your windows down and breath in the heady mix of salty sea air and pine trees as you enter the driveway leading to the resort. You’ll feel like you hadn’t really seen the colours blue and green before this moment. You’ll forget that you need to check in because you’ll be busy taking pictures – guaranteed.

Sweet Suite

Astir Palace doesn’t have a room with a view. It has rooms with THE view.

Astir 2

Balcony goals! It’s like we’re standing in front of a painting…

Wide and airy, the rooms are minimalist, taking a backseat to the stunning view from the balcony. Even if you don’t manage to snag a sea view room, the ones facing the garden burst with greenery and sounds of nature that we sorely miss in Dubai.


Astir Palace is home to a handful of culinary treats. On the one end of the spectrum, you’ve got Taverna 37, a laidback, traditional Greek eatery overlooking the beach with dishes like stuffed tomatoes and grilled lamb. You can roll up in your bikini and sandy sandals and enjoy a burst of flavour for lunch.


Yes, the food is as good as the view

On the other hand, you’ve got upscale Nobu. There’s something magical about the combination of world class sashimi with a side of the Aegean Sea at sunset.

Astir Palace Resort nobu

Nobu on the sea shore…



Astir Palace beautifully merges classic and modern design, glamour and a laidback attitude. Let your look do the same with this vibrant one-piece from Bahraini site Pair with crisp white shorts, sunnies and a smile.


Astir Beach look


Pierre Balmain shorts
1,985 AED –

Oscar de la Renta white sandals
1,540 AED –

Style Co handbags purse
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Blue jewelry
46 AED –

Agent 18 tech accessory
55 AED –

Revo mirror glasses
33 AED –


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