An Absolute Deception

An Absolute Deception is like a well-written (albeit long) soap opera spanning generations and continents. Anneliese has a fashion empire and a deep, dark secret that she’s kept from her family. Favourite scene? When Anneliese hosts a dinner for Karl Lagerfeld and her family at her beautiful designed home and she gets an unexpected phone call.


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Sara Hamdan

Welcome to a magazine editor’s guide to luxury hotels and what to wear when you’re there! My work has appeared in: The International New York Times, Rolling Stone, Variety and CNN Travel. I’ve held editorial roles at VIVA Magazine, Dubai Magazine and Stylist Arabia.  Now, I freelance for the likes of Google, CNN and Savoir Flair!

Editing travel pages was always my favourite part of working for lifestyle magazines. I started this blog out of a love of beautiful hotels that provide the fairytale escape of a day as a princess where breakfast is a buffet and chocolates appear on my pillow.

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