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2 Feb

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Yes, yes, that movie that brought us so many fantastic phrases (quel rat!) is based on a perfect beach read. A short novel, it combines the charm of Holly Golightly’s on screen character with unbeatable prose by author Truman Capote. In turns seductive and naive, you’ll fall in love with this perfectly flawed character who believes nothing bad could ever happen at Tiffany’s. And yes, it is worth reading even if you have seen (and loved!) the film, because the book is quite different. The film invented a whole new – and in my opinion, unnecessary and boring – character in the rich woman who treats good ol’ Fred like he’s a prostitute. In the book, he’s just a struggling writer living in a shoebox of an apartment in NY who has one-sided feelings for flighty Holly. All the characters in the books are richer and it results in a more realistic story that will have you saying ‘you can’t love a wild thing’ and ‘cross my heart and kiss my elbow’ all over again. Happy reading!

Sara Hamdan