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7 Nov

The Other Boleyn Girl

by Philippa Gregory

There’s a reason this book was made into a movie with Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman. Despite being over 400 pages long, it’s a dizzying page turner full of deceit, strategy, sex and settings in palaces. It’s even better than House of Cards. Narrated by Mary Boleyn, a blonde beauty who catches the eye of the dashing King Henry VIII, the story moves to how they become lovers, then he leaves her while pregnant and begins a romance with her dark haired sister Anne. Anne Boleyn famously goes on to become queen, but the crown sits heavy on her head and she meets a tragic end.

The author has a fascination for history and a witty writing style that make for wonderful beach reads. One of her other books, Taming of the Queen, is all about King Henry’s 6th – and final – wife. One of the few he didn’t behead! These books are a perfect companion on a long flight or a day spent at the beach. Happy reading 🙂

Sara Hamdan