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11 Jul

Beautiful Ruins

By Jess Walters

In the opening paragraphs, a beautiful blonde woman in a boat approaches a secluded Italian beach with a simple hotel that is usually always empty. The hotelier, in his broken English, is excited to welcome what turns out to be an American actress who has a small role in the infamous film Cleopatra. The plot twists and turns, featuring quirky characters and even a cameo from Richard Burton, as it transports readers from Italy to the US and to the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. Beautiful Ruins is a beautiful beach read full of travel, suspense and a pretty moving story about holding out for love.

Voted a Notable Book of the Year by NY Times Book Review, Best Novel of the Year by NPR and one of the year’s best books by a handful of other popular publications – now it’s your turn to weigh in on this summer blockbuster.


Sara Hamdan