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12 Sep

Rules of Civility

By Amor Towles This novel, set in 1930s Manhattan, is lots of fun. Shopping at Bendel's, gin martinis at a debutante mansion and jazz bands that play until 3 am - Rules of Civility is a perfect vacation read. The prose is witty and colourful. Evie Ross is the daughter of a wealthy Russian immigrant and Katey Kontent is her roommate. They both fall for the banker bachelor Tinker Grey. A car crash brings an interesting turn of events that lead Katey from a low level secretarial job into the executive suite at Conde Nast publications...
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28 Aug

The Evora Trilogy: The Secret Child

I love shining a light on regional designers, hotels, and authors - so *drum roll* here is a book by Kuwaiti Dana Al Jouder! She's an artist, interior design aficionado, and she writes fantastical books - a true creative force to keep on your radar. Exclusively for Holidays in Heels, she presents in her own words her novel The Evora Trilogy: The Secret Child. "We write continents apart; Nicole is in Los Angeles, and Dana is in Kuwait. Our story unifies African, Arab, Brazilian, and Portuguese folktales into one – the Evora trilogy. Our story begins with a beckoning lure and the arrival of vast ships onto Evora’s shores. It all happens on the night of the pink moon, an event that marks the birth of...
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11 Jul

Beautiful Ruins

By Jess Walters In the opening paragraphs, a beautiful blonde woman in a boat approaches a secluded Italian beach with a simple hotel that is usually always empty. The hotelier, in his broken English, is excited to welcome what turns out to be an American actress who has a small role in the infamous film Cleopatra. The plot twists and turns, featuring quirky characters and even a cameo from Richard Burton, as it transports readers from Italy to the US and to the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. Beautiful Ruins is a beautiful beach read full of travel, suspense and a pretty moving story about holding out for love. Voted a Notable Book of the Year by NY Times Book Review, Best Novel of the...
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25 Jun

The Help

By Kathryn Stockett Reviewed by Lulu Hamdan We’re warning you – once you pick this novel up for a cozy read, you will not be able to put it down. I read it in two days flat. Taking place in Mississippi in the 1960s, a Southern society girl with big dreams of becoming a writer defies the cultural norm by writing a book based on secret interviews with black housekeepers during the Anti-Civil Rights movement. Novelist Kathryn Stockett alternates the chapters between different perspectives, ranging from the hilarious and outspoken Minny Jackson, to college graduate and aspiring writer Eugenia "Skeeter" Phelan, and finally to well-mannered Aibileen Clark.  The best part is, you can enjoy a bowl of popcorn and watch Tate Taylor’s adapted movie of the...
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9 Jun

Mrs Hemingway

Author: Naomi Wood Review: Lulu Hamdan For those who love a good fictionalised biography, this page turner - creatively told from the perspective of Ernest Hemingway’s four wives in turn - will have you thinking about it when you're not actively trying to finish it. It's a peek into the dynamic love life of the prolific writer, one that is drenched in alcohol, parties, affairs and tales of war. Through Wood’s descriptive writing, your imagination will travel to the 1920s, bringing to life decadent fashion and dazzling summer parties that take place at a summer house in Antibes, South of France and in Cuba. And that’s just the beginning!...
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31 May

The Rosie Project

This funny, feel-good book is about a genetics professor who gets numbers but doesn't get emotion. In his scientifically guided quest to find a wife, he falls for someone who makes him realize that love is not about someone who is good on paper. A perfect summer read, this international sensation will have you laughing out loud at a crowded beach with no shame....
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20 May

An Absolute Deception

An Absolute Deception is like a well-written (albeit long) soap opera spanning generations and continents. Anneliese has a fashion empire and a deep, dark secret that she's kept from her family. Favourite scene? When Anneliese hosts a dinner for Karl Lagerfeld and her family at her beautiful designed home and she gets an unexpected phone call....
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