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27 May

Kindle World

Kindle + Books = Best of both worlds

When I go on vacation, I’m guilty of taking like 3 books with me because I don’t know what I’ll be in the mood to read. Enter Kindle! 

Ahead of the long Eid break coming up, here are some Kindle pros that this die-hard book lover has discovered:

1. Fits into my purse
2. Can sample chapters before purchase
3. My eyes don’t get tired after reading like I expected
4. Easy to read during the daytime in the sun as well as at night so I don’t have to turn on extra lights

I think it will be a nice complement to my usual reading style because giving up books completely ain’t gonna happen (would feel like cheating on a true love), but wow. #impressed

Also, this was not a #sponsoredpost, but a #mediagift that I enjoyed enough to post about. Thanks @amazon#allnewkindle#kindle#books#ilovebigbooks#bookstagram#summerreading