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13 Jul

Kalm Spa

Nestled in Palm Jumeirah is a little known secret that the residents of the palm like to keep to themselves: Kalm Spa. I felt like I’d finally gotten a break from the treadmill of life for a while when I followed signs that read: “Beach Club” and came upon this beauty spa that has the sea to the right and green gardens to the left.

It’s always a good sign when you walk in on a random Tuesday at a random hour and the place is packed. I opted for a signature massage to relieve hours of sitting in front of a computer – although the real escapism seemed to be taking place at the mani-pedi stations.

You can recline in business-class style armchairs that give front row seats to gardens and palm trees. Here, Kalm Spa offers beauty treatments ranging from mani-pedis, chair massages and facials to waxing and eyebrow threading. No matter what you choose to try, to me it’s really just an excuse to kick off my shoes, sip green tea and read some fashion magazines for an hour of zen that is hard to find in our buzzing city.


Kalm Patrol

PS If you’re going for a massage, ask for Juvy – she will work those knots like a 9-5!

Sara Hamdan